10,000 unique generative dolphin NFTS

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Yellow dolphin
Yellow dolphin
Yellow dolphin
Yellow dolphin
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*10,000 uniq dolphins

The Solepeleus

Solepeleus is a collection of 10,000 random generated dolphins generated and store on the Solana blockchain.

69 traits

The Specs

Each dolphin is generated from over 69 possible traits scattered over 9 layers, some of which are less common than others, and some occur once in every 2000 units! Will you get lucky? No bonding curve and no random distribution, everyone is given the same chance.

Global Support

SolPhin is dedicated to building a better world for the animals. A percentage of all of our NFT sales will be donated to the Animal Fund. 20% of all fees collected in the Solphin ecosystem will be donated as well.

Heart & hands
*Dolphin fins

Solepeleus Roadmap


$SLPLS Token

1,000,000,000 total supply
  • Chest

    45% Rewards

  • Chest

    30% Burn

  • Chest

    10% Presale

  • Chest

    9% Reserve

  • Chest

    5% Public Sale

  • Chest

    1% Liquidity

Community wallet

A community wallet will be set with 5% of the sales, and all $SOL will be put into long-term staking. Using blockchain-based community voting, the funds can be used for donations, buy back, or hodling. Of the 10,000 random dolphins, 100 will be unsold and used for exclusive airdrops and marketing events.

Resting dolphin